hype offers affiliate network

— Is A Partnership Program For Earning On Foreign Traffic!

We select only exclusive, international hype offers, giving you an opportunity for maximum earnings using the CPA and CPS models

Launch Advertising Campaigns That Target New Countries and Get The Maximum Profit!

Our Core Advantages

High approve % is achieved due to the following

  • Call centers with native speakers in a given country
  • Delivery of goods to the end consumer within 1-3 days
  • Quick lead processing (client callback within 3-5 minutes)
  • Dedicated operators for large flows


  • White goods in the health & beauty segment
  • 90+ ready bundles
  • Dozens of promotions - high-profile pre-landings, cool landings
  • High-quality translations by native speakers
  • High TR/CR

Terms and Conditions:

  • High offer bids
  • A 3-5 day hold for the newcomers, further no hold
  • Payments on request


  • 24/7/365 support
  • Your manager's personal involvement
  • Manager and webmaster’s desire to achieve high results
  • Flexible solutions

The platform:

  • Own in-house infrastructure
  • Quick refinements, if necessary
  • Custom statistics for the webmaster


  • Ability to work via API
  • External trackers
  • Postback
  • Up to eight SubIDs

1Wide Coverage of the Advertising Campaigns Based on the User’s Language Settings

Our technical platform accepts and recognizes traffic flows by language and user location, which makes it possible to cover wider geographies.

One language stream gets you traffic from several countries and processes all requests, thereby increasing the variability of the webmaster’s advertising campaigns.

2Instant Integration with Any Trackers

Need personal integration? You got it!

3CPA - Quick Earnings Model For a Webmaster


Generate requests

Call center

Accruals for

Money withdrawals

Earn on Foreign Traffic With

  • Trusted local producers
  • Direct exclusive offers
  • Strong regional call centers
  • Own technical in-house platform